Brooke Graphics | 3D Large Format
Brooke Graphics is the Chicago suburb's premier digital graphic provider. Direct to Board printing, inkjet printing, laminating and routering, along with custom design and solutions.
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3D Large Format

Brooke Graphics is introducing 3D printing on a large scale with the Massivit 1800 Pro printer. With the addition of the Massivit Brooke Graphics is able to print files larger and faster than any competitor machine in the area. The 1800 Pro boasts a printable area of 4’ x 5’ X 6’T in a single piece. Objects are printed at up-to 16” in height per hour. We are also able to print two objects at the same time because the Massivit has dual print heads capable of printing the same object twice or two unique objects simultaneously.

Through the proprietary “Slicing” application Brooke Graphics is able to convert your 3D file quickly to a print job. Within the application we are able to add any additional supports that might be required to enhance the print structure along with splitting the model into separate prints to create large scale projects.


3D display pieces is only the beginning. Prints can be created with external support structures allowing the pieces to be used as molds. The prints can also be used for vacuum molding.


We are also very excited to be able to offer something new to the SEG framing process. The Massivit Pro breaks the constraint of 90 degree angles! We can print curved structures, add mounting brackets to the structure and set the height of the rails to any size. Add led lights to the frames for an illuminated frame that glows from the sides to create an effect that is not capable with traditional SEG frames. These 3D printed frames are also much lighter than the traditional aluminum structures.