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Brooke Graphics is the Chicago suburb's premier digital graphic provider. Direct to Board printing, inkjet printing, laminating and routering, along with custom design and solutions.
Brooke, Chicago, Elk Grove Village, 1331 Greenleaf Avenue, computer, digital, printing, graphic, graphics
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File Submission

File Guidelines

Following these simple steps gets your project into production quickly and accurately.

Clearly Name Your File.
Please include your company name as well as the project name, quote, or your p.o. number in your file names. Example: ““.

Include color proofs with the job.
Providing us a color proof (printed or PDF version) gives us a guide, saves time, and ensures accuracy.

Specify Pantone® colors used in your project.
Noting specific colors using the Pantone® color standard is a great help to us. With our technology we can match Pantone® colors with up to 94% accuracy in process color.

Outline your type.
Choose “Create Outlines” from the Type menu in Illustrator. This is the best way to ensure that your type will print correctly.

Check the dimensions of your project.
Please be sure to determine whether your file’s width and height are proportional to the width and height of the final output graphic. In other words, if you build your file at 25% make sure that it scales up to the dimensions you need at 100% size. We require a minimum resolution of 100 pixels per inch at final output size.

Include linked images and font files!
Please be sure to include all the resource files used in your project. InDesign has a “Package” command under the file menu that collects all the images and fonts required for output. Illustrator files with linked images need to be manually collected. Alternatively, there is a terrific application called “ArtFiles” by Code Line Communications that will collect all necessary files for your Illustrator document. Click here to visit their website and download a free demo.

We accept files from these applications:

stacks_image_183_1Adobe Illustrator files through Version Creative Cloud

stacks_image_192_1Adobe Acrobat PDF files

stacks_image_201_1Quark XPress through Version 7.5. Please save any Quark 8 files as Quark 7.

stacks_image_187_1Adobe PhotoShop files through Version Creative Cloud

stacks_image_196_1Adobe InDesign files through Version Creative Cloud

stacks_image_205_1All products, except Publisher files!

Email Instructions:

To email a file, please send it to: There is a limit of 5mb per email, so if you have a large file please contact your account representative for information on using our secure Share Point process.