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Exceptional Service.Superb Craftsmanship.Quality.Trusted Partnership.


Exceptional Service.
Superb Craftsmanship.
Trusted Partnership.


From house to powerhouse.

Brooke Graphics was founded in January of 2000 in the basement of our home with a dream and a 60″ inkjet printer. Since then we’ve grown into one of the largest production boutiques in the Midwest.  We specialize in producing digital signage for all aspects of retail, environmental, and corporate branding. 


Working with Brooke Graphics.

Effective communication serves as the cornerstone for successfully executing any project. Alongside your dedicated sales representative, you will also have the support of Team Brooke. Your journey through production will be guided by a designated project coordinator who will serve as your primary point of contact. Our knowledgeable project coordinators are available to address all your inquiries, gather necessary project information, ensure product availability, and oversee the seamless completion and installation of your project, all within your specified budget and timeline. As a collaborative team, we value input from multiple members, working together to provide comprehensive assistance throughout every step of your project.


Our team's craftsmanship sets us apart.

We firmly believe that the key to achieving success lies in our team of dedicated employees who share an unwavering passion for delivering top-quality results. In our niche of the digital print world, there exists a remarkable amount of intricate hand work. While technology surrounds us, it is our company-wide craftsmanship and comprehensive skill set that truly distinguishes us from our competitors. Trust forms the foundation of our client relationships, and our core clients understand that when they present a challenge to Brooke Graphics, we will diligently reverse-engineer their requirements and provide them with precisely what they need. Our commitment to our customers commences the moment we are entrusted with a project, as we recognize that the work we deliver reflects our reputation.

Top Left Custom Inset PVC table topper wrapped in leather.
Center Right
Custom SEG frame fabrication.
Bottom Left
Solvent bonding brackets to laser-cut letters.


A trusted partner.

It is a frequent occurrence for clients to approach us with inquiries such as, "Can you do this?" Once we delve into the details, we often discover that the request extends beyond digital printing. However, our response remains consistent: "Yes, we can!" Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge, we have evolved into a comprehensive destination for engineering, fabrication, and overall execution. By providing tailored solutions to our core clients' distinctive needs, we strengthen the trust that has been nurtured over the years. This trust enables us to explore new possibilities, push the boundaries of our offerings, and consistently deliver innovative solutions.


Any project, any size, any quantity.

When it comes to printing and fabrication, our arsenal of equipment goes beyond the ordinary. From personalized routering to direct-to-substrate printing, we possess the necessary tools to make your project truly exceptional. With the added advantage of white ink capability, we can bring your vision to life in stunning detail. Whether it's producing durable interior and exterior banners on vinyl and fabric at large sizes or exploring creative possibilities, we have the expertise and resources to surpass your expectations and transform your ideas into reality.


With over 56,000 square feet, we are built to deliver.

Our facilities located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois are purpose-built for optimal production. While we have the capacity to assist clients of all sizes, we maintain a lean and efficient operation. Over the years, we have proudly supported some of the world's largest companies in successfully launching their graphic programs. Our machinery is securely anchored to the floor, ready to spring into action, and our dedicated staff is eager to dive in and get the job done. We await the opportunity to connect with you and discuss how we can contribute to your next project.

Brooke Graphics is proudly women owned.

At Brooke Graphics, we're proud to be a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). With Sheila Bednarke as our Chief Executive Officer and TJ Bednarke as our Chief Creative Officer, we have the talent and experience to tackle any project that comes our way. And when you partner with us, you'll not only get top-notch printing services, but you'll also support a women-owned business and take advantage of tax incentives and benefits that can save you money.